Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So, there are things I need to do. Things I need to get off my chest.

1. I need to be myself. After being cookie cutter shaped for so long, it became hard to remember the feel of who I actually was. I need to be strong. More sturdy. I need to not be afraid of continuing on my path and growing. I do not like the person who I think I am, but I do not like the person I am pretending to be either. If I am going to dislike myself, at least let me be honest. And you never know, I may actually get along with her, the real me. Don't be afraid of taking chances. It's okay. Let life play out. And cut off all the loose ends that are still hanging behind you.

2. Don't give up. The next six months ahead of you may seem hopeless, but a call may come tomorrow that gives you something to fill in your meantimes with.

3. Unpack my room. It's about damn time. Hang up the faerie lights your friend so lovingly made for you. Bring out the alter. Reconnect with the world around you. Explore your gifts. Do not be afraid.

4. Don't compromise yourself for others. I know, baby I know it's hard. I know you would give anything to be loved, but wouldn't you give even more if you could love yourself instead?

5. Get those abs you've always dreamed of. Make a list of trades you want to learn. Organize them so you know what you want to learn most. We both know fire hooping and knife throwing are at the top. Why don't we start there?